The Custom Wavelength Selectors(CWS) are ideal for any imaging, microscopy, or illumination application. The bandpass performance of CWS provides benefits for matching the emission profile of a new fluorophore or the emission spectrum of a fluorochrome shifted slightly due to factors such as the particular excitation wavelength being used.


Custom Wavelength Selectors are simple, rugged, optomechanical devices that are factory set to your exact specifications without the usual time and cost associated with obtaining custom bandpass filter performance.


                 Ordering Guide

[Center Wavelength]          [FWHM]                   
       255 ~ 890 nm         :      3 ~ 15 nm 
      880 ~ 1505 nm        :      5 ~ 15 nm
     1475 ~ 1650 nm       :      7 ~ 13 nm


*Note : For the optimal performance of Wavelength Selectors, the incident light should be collimated.

Custom Option

    Center Wavelength nm
    FWHM nm

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Product Number Product Size(mm) Spectral Range FWHM Aperture Size Transmission Availability Price(USD)
CWS-Basic 40 x 76 x 40 Custom Range 3 ~ 15 nm 5 mm > 75 % DEVELOPING TBD

/ Key Product Advantages

  • Custom bandpass performance
  • Ships in 72 hours
  • Customer defined bandwidth (FWHM) :
             - Minimum Bandwidth: 3-5 nm
             - Maximum Bandwidth: 13-15 nm
  • Customer defined center wavelength from 255 to 1650 nm
  • Transmission: > 75%   (in proportion to an input light power / FWHM > 10 nm)
  • High (106) out of band extinction
  • Circular aperture (up to 10 mm diam.)
  • Compact rugged optomechanical package
  • FWHM resolution : 1 nm 
  • IR blocking range : OD 6  
  • Stable operation span : 5 years


Custom Center Wavelength

The CWS-Basic acts as a custom bandpass filter. You specify the center wavelength (anywhere between 255 and 1650 nm) and bandwidth (3-15 nm), and we factory set the CWS and ship it to you within 72 hours. 



Custom Bandwidth

For the CWS-Basic, you also choose the transmission bandwidth anywhere from 3-5 nm (Minimum) to 13-15 nm (Maximum) FWHM. 



Compact – Simple Integration

Compact collinear geometry simplifies integration into microscopes,

telescopes and cameras and other common photonic instruments.

High Out-of-band Extinction

High (106) out of band extinction avoids unwanted spectral leakage

and associated background noise typical of liquid crystal based filtering system.



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