Laser-Driven Light Sources (LDLS®)

LDLS® Technology Outside the Norm

Energetiq LDLS light sources achieve efficient deep ultraviolet to NIR production for your most advanced illumination applications. Energetiq LDLS light sources & SLi Wavelength Selector application becomes Tunable Light Source.


Patented LDLS technology creates extremely small, high brightness plasma that delivers the ultimate in the efficient light collection and a broad spectral range from the deepest UV through visible and into the NIR. 


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Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
EQ-99X-FC-S Fiber- coupled source with a broad wavelength range, 190 ~ 2500 nm 84 x 78 x 87 LEADTIME TBD

/ Key Product Adavantages

  • Becoming Tunable with SLi Wavelength Selector
  • Covering Broad Spectral Range from 190 nm to 2500 nm
  • For the most advanced illumination applications
  • Single and Dual Output Configurations
  • Over 10,000 hours of Operation 


Principle of Operation

LDLS utilizes its two discha『ge electrodes in the bulb only to ignite the plasma. After that, there is absolutely no wear and tear on the electrodes while plasma is sustained between them. This means the bulb has a very long service lifetime compared to traditional light sources that fully use and consume the electrodes during operation. 




Laser-Driven Light Source LDLS™

High brightness light sources are used to calibrate and evaluate astronomical instrumentation systems,

including telescopes, optics, filters, windows, and detectors.




Broad Wavelength Range, 190 nm to 2500 nm

Broad emission wavelength range from vacuum UV to visible and near-infrared (190 nm to 2500 nm) 




Tunable Light Source

Energetiq LDLS light sources & SLi Wavelength Selector application becomes Tunable Light Source. 




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