SPECTROLIGHT Inc., specializing in Spectroscopic Application Technology (SAT), has been manufacturing and launching various unique products since 2016 and aims to supply photonic tools with more functionality, better usage, and superior reliability.

Spectroscopy and microscopy are great useful technology for analysis, and their applicability is very wide, not only in the research field but also in the industrial field. The iiSM, our parent company, develops and manufactures medical devices and various spectroscopic equipment using SAT. SPECTROLIGHT focuses on developing and sales of spectroscopic equipment based on our long experience and technology in the field of Photonics.

Especially, Spectrolight is a leading global manufacturer of developing and producing innovative broadband tunable filters and tunable light source systems for customers in the scientific research and industrial manufacturing markets that demand high-reliability, high-performance, market-driven technology solutions today.


Light Done Right! 

Corporate Headquarters

SPECTROLIGHT’s headquarters is located in Irvine, California, and the corporate headquarters of our parent company, IISM, Inc., is located in South Korea. We proudly serve customers through direct sales offices located in the United States and South Korea and through a vast network of independent distributors and sales representatives throughout the rest of the world. Visit our Worldwide Sales & Service Locations page for a complete locations list and detailed contact information.


Spectrolight, Inc Headquarters

19800 MacArthur Blvd. #300

Irvine, California 92612

Tel: 949-863-3144


IISM, Inc Headquarters (manufacturer and R&D headquarters)

402, Naseongnam-ro 7-16,

Sejong-si, 30129, Republic of Korea





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