Collimator and Accessories

When used with incoherent light sources, the output of our Wavelength Selector products will be slightly divergent. This adjustable collimator mounts directly on the output flange and enables re-collimation, user optimized for the needed throw distance. 


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Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
WS-CA Collimation adapter for Basic FWS/CWS 111 x ⌀ 37 IN STOCK $500
WS-SCAN Supercontinuum laser(NKT) Collimator Aligner to WS 74 x ⌀ 38 IN STOCK $300
WS-SCAY Supercontinuum laser(YSL) Collimator Aligner to WS 74 x ⌀ 38 IN STOCK $300
WS-SM1-11P Fiber collimator adapter for wavelength selector 10 x ⌀ 30 IN STOCK $100
Unless the input to a Wavelength Selector is perfectly collimated, the output will naturally diverge, limited by internal apertures. The Wavelength Selector Collimator is a bolt-on accessory that collimates the output with no adjustment required.


Wavelength Selector Adapter

Can be used to collimate output of wavelength selectors 




Demonstration Video

The collimator adaptor is a key component in the Spectrolight range of modular light sources and wavelength selector devices.




Fiber Collimator Adapter

Can be used to connect FWS with fiber collimators 





Supercontinuum Source Adapter

Can be used to connect supercontinuum sources to wavelength selectors





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