Output Linker

Microscopy and other instruments often use fiber coupled light sources.


This simple bolt-on adapter enables the output of any of our Flexible Wavelength Selector products to be easily coupled to a fiber type and light guide to meet this need.


*Currency : US DOLLAR only
*CHECK the SPEC SHEET for the exact specifications of the products

Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
WS-SMA SMA type Fiber Adapter IN STOCK $200
WS-LLG3 3 mm Liquid Light Guide Adapter IN STOCK $300
WS-LLG5 5 mm Liquid Light Guide Adapter IN STOCK $300
WS-FPCA FiberPort coupler adapter for direct connection with FC/PC and FC/APC fiber types. (Can be used for both input and output of FWS.) * Recommended for use with lasers IN STOCK $120

The pre-aligned Fiber Adapter includes a female SMA connector for simple coupling of the Flexible Wavelength Selector output into a SMA type fiber. The Light Guide Adapter allows you to focus the output into our Light Guide or a similar fiber bundle.


Plug & Play Utility

Pre-aligned optics provide plug & play utility, avoiding the complexity and alignment challenges of 6 axis coupling mounts 




Use this adapter to match the output of our Wavelength Selectors to fibers or light guides. 





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