Tunable Light Sources

Spectrolight's tunable light sources combines broadband lamp sources with a tunable bandpass filters (flexible wavelength selector) that allows users to select the desired center wavelength and bandwidth.


Tunable Mighty Light (TML) gives users the freedom to choose the wavelengths according to their needs and uses incoherent broadband light sources such as LEDs, Lamps, or Laser Driven Light Sources (LDLS). Currently, TML-LED using high-power LED has been released, and products using LDLS and Lamps are also scheduled to be released.


TML products have the advantage of being cheaper than tunable supercontinuum lasers and being able to cover the UV range



The TML-LED offers a precise spectral wavelength tuning range of 430 to 700 nm and is a compact system that combines a broadband white lamp light source and FWS tunable bandpass filter with full software control for a simple and easy light source.


It is ideal for fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, machine vision inspection and many other applications.



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