Wavelength Selector Accessories

Monochromator replacements for spectroscopy and spectral imaging

  • Collimator : When used with non-laser light, the output of FWS and CWS products is naturally slightly divergent. This adjustable collimator enables re-collimation of the beam and can be user adjusted for a range of throw distances.  


  • Fiber Collimator Adapter : Can be used to connect FWS with fiber collimators. 


  • Supercontinuum Source Adapter : Can be used to connect supercontinuum sources to wavelength selectors. 


  • Fiber and Light Guide Connector : Can be used to connect the output of FWS and CWS directly to an SMA type fiber or Light Guides.


  • Iris Diaphragm : This device mounts directly on the input and/or output flange of FWS and CWS. It allows the user to smoothly adjust the effective aperture.


  • Magnetic Base : This magnetic baseplate includes an M4 center hole for simple plug & play post mounting of FWS and CWS devices, which both include a small internal magnet for this purpose. (FWS devices also include an M4 hole for direct post mounting.)  




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