LDLS (Laser Driven Light Source)


LDLS light source creates extremely small, high brightness plasma that delivers the ultimate in the efficient light collection and a broad spectral range from the deepest UV through visible and into the NIR and can be used for spectroscopy, high-resolution microscopy, thin-film measurement, surface metrology, and other applications.

Designed for demanding imaging and spectroscopy applications, the EQ-99X offers excellent spatial and power stability for repeatable measurements across the broad spectrum. Utilizing a patented laser-driven bulb technology the EQ-99X is ideal for applications requiring ultra-long lamp life.


The EQ-99X is available with a range of free-space broadband reflective coupling optics to match the ~100 µm plasma size to your instrument or application. With its high brightness, small plasma, the EQ-99X is particularly well suited to applications using narrow spectrometer slits, small diameter optical fibers or other small etendue optics.



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