Light Aligner

The Light Aligner is an optical ruler with precision pinholes and fiducials that simplifies the common problem of aligning a laser or other light beam.


Please see demo video in the features tab for more details.


Wavelength Selection

*Currency : US DOLLAR only
*CHECK the SPEC SHEET for the exact specifications of the products

Product Number Product Size(mm) Spectral Range FWHM Aperture Size Transmission Availability Price(USD) Order
LA-I8-B 1.4 in x 8.6 in IN STOCK $110
LA-I8-C 1.4 in x 8.6 in IN STOCK $110
LA-I8-F 1.4 in x 8.6 in IN STOCK $110
LA-M220-B 35 x 220 IN STOCK $110
LA-M220-C 35 x 220 IN STOCK $110
LA-M220-F 35 x 220 IN STOCK $110

/ Key Product Advantages

  • Simple tool to check and set beam height
  • Magnetic base for fast placement
  • Optional bolt-on extension for high or IR beams
  • Optional base pins for breadboard hole registration 


Breadboard Mounting Options

Three different magnetic base options are available.  The Basic aligns between breadboard holes,

the Center aligns directly over the holes, the Free Standing model can be positioned anywhere on the mounting surface.



Light Aligner Demonstration Video

Watch this short video to see how the Light Aligner simplifies beam alignment 




A clip-on extension module doubles the height of the Light Aligner for setups needing an expanded alignment range. 





Ideal for Alignment and Adjustment

Light Aligners are available in both metric and inch formats. Bolt-on accessory for Infrared (IR) detection is now available. 




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