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The Flexible Wavelength Selector Poly-RED (Poly-RED) is a tunable filter which utilizes TwinFilm™ technology to provide a simple software control (scanning or setting) of the center wavelength and the bandwidth via a USB communication. The bandwidth can be adjusted from around 2 to 15 nm (nominal) depending on the specific model.


Poly-RED is compatible with any type of broadband lamps or supercontinuum sources. Accessories are available here. For more information about compatibility please contact us at info@spectrolightinc.com.


A5 : Suitable for lasers, supercontinuum lasers

A10 : Suitable for light sources with large beam size (tungsten-halogen, plasma, LED)


/ Key Product Advantages

  • Fast software-controlled wavelength tuning
  • Software bandwidth adjustment (FWHM 2 - 15 nm, nominal)
  • Circular aperture (5 mm)
  • High out of band rejection (OD 10)


*For the optimal performance of the FWS, the incident light should be collimated.


*Poly-UV model can block up to 600 nm.


*For Poly-RED-Custom quotes and orders, please state spec requirements in the "Leave a Comment" section during the order process.


*Currency : US DOLLAR only
*CHECK the SPEC SHEET for the exact specifications of the products

Product Number Product Size(mm) Spectral Range FWHM Aperture Size Availability Price(USD) Order
Poly-RED-UV-A5 186.2 x 124 x 214 280 - 390 nm 2 - 15 nm 5 mm LEADTIME TBD
Poly-RED-VIS-A5 186.2 x 124 x 214 430 - 790 nm 2 - 15 nm / 3 - 15 nm 5 mm LEADTIME TBD
Poly-RED-IR-A5 186.2 x 124 x 214 775 - 1150 nm 3 - 15 nm / 5 - 15 nm 5 mm LEADTIME TBD
Poly-RED-SWIR-A5 186.2 x 124 x 214 1140 - 1700 nm 5 - 15 nm / 7 - 13 nm 5 mm LEADTIME TBD
Poly-RED-Custom-A5 186.2 x 124 x 214 ~ User Defined 2 - 15 nm 5 mm LEADTIME TBD


Broadband Tunable Spectral Wavelength and Adjustable Bandwidth

The broadband spectral range of the wavelength and the transmission bandwidth can be adjusted via quick and easy software control.



High Out-of-band Blocking

High out-of-band blocking (OD 10) avoids unwanted spectral leakage and

associated background noise typical of liquid crystal-based filtering systems.



Applications with Various Light Sources

- Spectrolight's SL-Pico, NKT, LEUKOS
- Energetiq, ISTEQ Laser-Driven Light Source
- LED, Xenon and other lamp types




Imaging Detection

Versatile Applications   

  - FluorescenceImaging    
- Hyperspectral Imaging
- Global Raman Imaging



Simple Software Control

Simple and Easy control of the center wavelength and the transmission bandwidth with the automated software.

Custom wavelength scanning, setting and stepping are supported.



SDK for user customized software

SDK (uploaded on website) allows users to design and create their own software for customized system integration





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