Ruler Post

The Ruler Post is a simple solution to the frequent challenge of setting post mounted optics to a fixed/common height above an optical table or breadboard. A clever locking clamp and magnetic base allows the Ruler Post to be securely located anywhere on the table surface.


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Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
RP-50 Ruler Post 50 mm, Magnetic Post Holder 50 mm, Clamp IN STOCK $120
RP-75 Ruler Post 75 mm, Magnetic Post Holder 75 mm, Clamp IN STOCK $120
P-50 Ruler post 50 mm 12.65 x 50 IN STOCK $40
PH-50 Magnetic Post Holder 50 mm, Ø 31.9 mm (1.25”) 31.9 x 75 IN STOCK $50
P-75 Ruler post 75 mm 12.65 x 75 IN STOCK $40
PH-75 Magnetic Post Holder 75 mm, Ø 31.9 mm (1.25”) 32 x 75 IN STOCK $50
C-16 Clamp, 16mm Counterbored Slot for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screw 36.3 x 57.6 x 8.7 IN STOCK $30

/ Key Product Advantages

  • Precision engraved fiducials
  • Choice of metric and inch versions
  • Magnetic base locates anywhere on table surface
  • Slotted clamp securely locks base location

Engraved Fiducials

Metric (1 mm) markings are deep engraved and enameled for high clarity, with no wear or fading during repeated use.



Magnetic Base/Fork Clamp

The magnetic base can be placed anywhere on a ferrous surface and then locked in place, with no shift during locking. 




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