Tunable Mighty Light

TML (Tunable Might Light) is a new, innovative tunable light source containing the lamp or laser light source and the flexible wavelength selector (FWS, tunable broadband bandpass filter), with a compact size, fully automatic software control, USB interface, GUI, wide center wavelength range, high spectral resolution, and high out of band extinction, etc. The advantages of existing wavelength selection devices like filters, monochromator, and AOTF are combined in one compact size. This product can be widely applied to academic as well as industrial fields such as fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, global Raman imaging, medical diagnostics (in vivo, in vitro, wearable), medical imaging, life science instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, machine vision, and laboratory research, etc.


*Patent pending US 18/158,861


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Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
TML-LED Fully tunable all in one lamp light source Tunable spectral wavelength : 430 - 700 nm Visible power : < 3 W FWHM : < 30 nm 374 x 292 x 243 DEVELOPING TBD

/ Specifications


  • High power collimated white light source
  • Lamp power consumption : 300 W
  • Visible power : < 3 W
  • Power stability : < 0.4 %
  • Tunable spectral wavelength : 430 - 700 nm
  • FWHM : < 30 nm
  • LED lifetime : ~ 50,000 hours
  • Color temperature : 7500 K
  • Dimensions : 374 x 292 x 243 mm
  • Power control : Software control (0 - 100%)
  • Electrical requirements : AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 H

Broadband Spectral Wavelength Tunable via Software Control

The broadband spectral range of the wavelength can be adjusted via quick and easy software control




Light Source Full Spectrum

The Tunable Mighty Light is operated at a color temperature of 7,500 K

This temperature delivers visible output power of up to 3 W.



Stable Tunable Light Source

The Tunable Mighty Light power supply is operated closed loop by a custom control board.

This tight current control provides low power fluctuation and high stability (< 0.4 %).





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