Hybrid Board

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Product Number Specific Description Product Size(mm) Availability Price(USD) Order
SLI-BB-250-250-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 250 IN STOCK $650
SLI-BB-300-300-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 300 IN STOCK $800
SLI-BB-350-350-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 350 IN STOCK $950
SLI-BB-400-400-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 400 IN STOCK $1,100
SLI-BB-500-500-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 500 IN STOCK $1,400
SLI-BB-600-600-12 Optical Breadboard, Metric 600 IN STOCK $1,700

Key product advantages:

  • Lightweight aluminum base
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Surface flatness comparable to conventional breadboard


Thickness: 12 mm

Mounting Holes: M6, 25 mm grid pattern

Surface: Ferromagnetic Stainless Steel

Design: Steel sheet material bolted on solid aluminum



The Hybrid Board is a lightweight breadboard. Due to the aluminum base the hybrid board is thin and lightweight but gives flatness comparable to conventional honeycomb optical breadboard. 

Magnetic properties

The stainless steel working surface is ideal for magnetic ruler post. 




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