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Custom Wavelength Selector Basic

Custom Wavelength Selector Basic

Custom Wavelength Selectors are simple, rugged, optomechanical devices that are factory set to your exact specifications without the usual time and cost associated with obtaining custom bandpass filter performance.

Key product advantages:

  • Custom bandpass performance
  • Ships in 72 hours
  • Customer defined bandwidth (FWHM) :
    • Minimum Bandwidth: 2-4 nm
    • Maximum Bandwidth: 11-16 nm
  • Customer defined center wavelength from 350 to 900 nm
  • Up to 80% in-band transmission efficiency
  • High (106) out of band extinction
  • Circular aperture (up to 10 mm diam.)
  • Compact rugged optomechanical package




Custom Center Wavelength

The CWS-Basic acts as a custom bandpass filter. You specify the center wavelength (anywhere in the visible) and bandwidth (~2-16 nm), and we factory set the CWS and ship it to you within 72 hours.

Custom Bandwidth

For the CWS-Basic, you also choose the transmission bandwidth anywhere from 2-4 nm (Minimum) to 11-16 nm (Maximum) FWHM.

Compact – Simple Integration

Compact collinear geometry simplifies integration into microscopes, telescopes and cameras and other common photonic instruments.

High Extinction

High (106) out of band extinction avoids unwanted spectral leakage and associated background noise.

Ordering Infomation

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Transmission Availability
CWS-B-S Small (57x32x32 mm) 350 ~ 900 nm 2 ~ 16 nm 5 mm > 75 % Quote Available
CWS-B-M Medium (76x40x40 mm) 350 ~ 900 nm 2 ~ 16 nm 10 mm > 75 % Quote Available

* FWHM range limit may vary depending on the center wavelength

* Spectral and FWHM range values are nominal