Wavelength Selector

The Wavelength Selector is a uniquely compact optomechanical device that utilizes TwinFilm™ technology to deliver the wavelength tuning and adjustable bandwidth of a grating monochromator with the imaging advantages of a circular aperture filter. For comparison with other tunable filters please click here.

Ideal for

  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Life sciences instrumentation
  • Machine vision
  • Laboratory research

Key product advantages

  • Broad wavelength tuning
  • Smoothly adjustable bandwidth (FWHM 1.5 nm – 20 nm)
  • Large (up to 10 mm diam.) circular aperture
  • High (106) out of band extinction
  • Compact rugged optomechanical package
  • In-line operation for easy integration
  • No beam deviation or walk-off during tuning

SpectroLight Wavelength Selector Product Matrix Wavelength Adjustment Bandwidth Adjustment Aperture Size
Flexible Wavelength
Selector Auto
FWS Poly Software Control Software Control 10 mm
FWS Mono
FWS Poly Laser Version 3 mm
FWS Mono Laser Version
Flexible Wavelength
Selector Manual
FWS Basic Manual Manual 5 mm or 10 mm
FWS Centerline
FWS High Resolution Manual (High precision) Manual (High precision) 10 mm
Custom Wavelength Selector Basic Factory Set Factory Set 5 mm or 10 mm
Custom Wavelength Selector CenterLine Factory Set Fixed (~15 nm)