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[Photonics Media] – Tunable Filter for Supercontinuum Lasers

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A new, simple, and compact approach for tunable wavelength filtering to couple with supercontinuum lasers is introduced with a device called Flexible Wavelength Selector (FWS) Poly Laser Version. With high transmission efficiency (>80%) and high out of band blocking (>OD6) compared to other conventional tunable filters, FWS Poly is an ideal device to select center wavelength and bandwidth of a broadband light source such as supercontinuum lasers. Tuning range of center wavelength can vary anywhere from 350 to 900 nm depending on the specific model and bandwidth can be tuned from as low as 2-4 nm to 11-16 nm. This device is controlled with a custom-built software to tune the center wavelength and bandwidth independently.

Our FWS Poly has applications in semiconductor metrology, sensor calibration, and microscopy as an illumination source when coupled with broadband light sources.