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Our Flexible Wavelength Selector (FWS) Poly is a GOLD Honoree in Optics for LaserFocusWorld’s Innovators Awards

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OPTICS | Flexible Wavelength Selector (FWS) Poly

FWS Poly is a compact, automated device that allows center wavelength and bandwidth adjustment with a circular aperture up to 10 mm with independent center wavelength, bandwidth tuning range, and high transmission efficiency across the visible spectrum. The device can be used together with a camera for spectral imaging or with a broadband light source for a tunable illumination source. Combined with a collimated light beam, the device tunes center wavelength from 350 to 900 nm and adjusts bandwidth from 3 to 15 nm via software and USB. Applications range from hyperspectral imaging, fluorescence microscopy, life science instrumentation, and machine vision to laboratory research. Spectrolight (Irvine, CA; www.spectrolightinc.com)

FWS Poly flexible wavelength selector from Spectrolight