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[Opli] Spectrolight introduces new Custom Single Bandpass Filters

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3/21/18 – A new series of Custom Wavelength Selectors (CWS) from Spectrolight offer a cost-effective, off-the- shelf option for those needing narrowband transmission filters with custom bandwidth and center wavelength. Specifically, the CWS is a compact (the smallest model is 25 mm x 22 mm x 26 mm) optomechanical device with a circular aperture (up to 10 mm), whose center wavelength can be set anywhere in the range of 350 nm to 900 nm, and whose bandwidth can be independently fixed from 1.5 nm to around 20 nm (FWHM). The particular configuration for a CWS is customer specified during ordering, and the product is then factory configured and shipped within 72 hours.

The CWS also features high (> 80%) in-band transmission efficiency and excellent out of band extinction (10 6 ), making these devices ideal for demanding uses in research and instrumentation. Typical applications include spectral imaging, machine vision, inspection, cell counting, and fluorescence microscopy – for both excitation and image filtering.

The Custom Wavelength Selector is based on Spectrolight’s patented TwinFilm™ Technology – a unique method of wavelength filtering and scanning. Because the transmission bandwidth (FWHM) and center wavelength are set by simple factory adjustments, the CWS provides a rapid solution to any application needing custom bandpass performance at short notice. This is particularly advantageous for single unit or low volume orders that could not justify the cost and time of custom coated optics.

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