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[GO Photonics] OptoSigma to Distribute Spectrolight Photonics Products in North and South America

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OptoSigma Corporation, a global provider of optics, optical systems, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin film coatings has announced a new partnership and supply agreement with Spectrolight, Inc, a developer of optical and optomechanical components. The agreement includes distribution of Spectrolights unique Wavelength Selectors and complimentary products for the North and South America markets, through OptoSigma’s website and sales channels.

Within the agreement, Spectrolight will manufacture and supply state of the art Wavelength Selector modules, both manual and electronic, in addition to a white light source and supporting adaptors that will enable independent use or integration for fluorescence microscopy applications. All of these products will be available from OptoSigma’s newly enhanced website and items will be stocked in California at OptoSigma’s headquarters.

As according to Kevin Kim, Director of Business Development at Spectrolight, OptoSigma is an experienced and reliable partner for the distribution of Spectrolight’s standard optics and systems. With this partnership, Spectrolight has the chance to become a member of a unique and rapidly growing online platform. Together they aim to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for customers, i.e. the ability to purchase a wide range of high-quality photonic products quickly and easily on one platform.

Dan Denison, Director of Sales & Marketing of OptoSigma believes that these Wavelength Selector products are highly unique and advantageous for a variety of applications in the photonics industry and academic research, with some of them being in hyperspectral imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, and machine vision. These product additions give customers the unique advantage to tune their light to specific wavelengths without the need for using or changing filters. The options of manual vs. electronic, in addition to various wavelength options, provide a complete suite of solutions for a variety of applications.